2010 Haiti Earthquake Assistance

Haiti was devastated by a major earthquake In February 2010.  A group called Bahamas Habitat made an urgent request for assistance to IFR pilots with Caribbean flying experience.  Pilots were needed to fly emergency food and medical supplies to remote towns with no access to the outside world except by aircraft.  Many roads were completely impassable as a result of the earthquake.  Bahamas Habitat mostly serves as an emergency housing and supply organization to hurricane victims. Their network of missionaries and service organizations such as local Rotary Clubs could efficiently distribute food, supplies and equipment from several small airports that had been used during hurricane relief.  The Artisan Aviation Piper Lance N2278Q (now N78AA) was one of about 50 aircraft that flew supplies in and out of Haiti.  Two Artisan Aviation members pilots, Jerry Frumusa and Dan Richardson flew a total of 98 hours, flying between Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Nassau, Bahamas; Providenciales, Turk & Caicos and various airports in Haiti.  The Haiti airports included Cap Haiten, Los Cayes and La Gonave.  There are many great flying stories to tell.  More importantly, the experience resulted from the desire to serve those in need and knowing that our Piper Lance was a highly capable, well maintained aircraft.  it performed flawlessly in conditions that were challenging to say the least.   
Les Cayes
IMG_0344Home Depot loadPat Logese unloading at Cap Haiten we love haiti