Membership Buy-in

To join the club a member buys shares valued for each aircraft they wish to fly.  The share value of each aircraft is the value of the airplane plus the cash that is connected to that airplane, divided by the number of members who are owning and flying that plane.  To learn more about this and to get current buy-in pricing contact Artisan Aviation.

Hourly Rates

Members pay an hourly rate for each hour they fly, which is based on tach time, not Hobbs meter time, which includes fuel.  Use of tach time instead of Hobbs time usually results in a 10% lower-than-Hobbs time for cross country flights, and 15 to 20% lower-than-Hobbs time for local training flights.  Unlike renting, all rates are tax-free since members are also owners of the aircraft!  These rates are revised periodically to reflect cost changes.  Contact Artisan Aviation for current rates, as they do change from month to month.  Here are the approximate hourly rates (as of Sept. 2020):

  • Piper Warrior II (N2202A): $66 / tach-hour
  • Piper Arrow IV (N2218Z): $100 / tach-hour
  • Piper Lance (N78AA): $173/ tach-hour

Fixed Monthly Fee

All members pay a monthly fee to cover fixed costs for insurance and hangar rent for each airplane they partially own and are able to fly. The fixed costs for each plane are covered equally by all members of each airplane.  As a new members join, the monthly fees decrease, and as members leave, the fees increase.   For current monthly fees, contact Artisan Aviation. The approximate hourly rates are (As of Sept. 2020):

  • Piper Warrior II (N2202A): approximately $175/ month
  • Piper Arrow IV (N2218Z): approximately $220 / month
  • Piper Lance (N78AA): approximately $350 / month