Like Owning Your Own Plane...BUT BETTER!

Fly With Confidence

Aircraft are conscientiously maintained by careful tracking of PM intervals, both periodic (time-based) and usage (meter-based).
Preventative maintenance performed under the supervision of the Club Maintenance Officer; oil submitted for analysis after each oil change.
Repairs by a leading aviation maintenance organization, in business over 30yrs.
Maintenance Report (Release, Time Log, PM Status, Squawks) available to members online 24/7.

Fly Year-Round

Based at the Class C Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC).
Individual T-hangers year-round
Web controlled remote electric engine pre-heaters for convenient winter operations.

Fly Flexibly

Very good member-to-airplane ratio.
Online booking system.
Members may book aircraft for long weekends /extended trips with no additional costs or daily minimums.
Scheduling consideration given for Training, Weekend, and Extended Trips

Fly With Lower Fixed Costs

All members pay a monthly fee which covers the fixed costs for both aircraft.
Currently, this price is set at $250 a month. This includes access to both aircraft as PIC, or for instruction . *
*(Must meet insurance minimums to act as PIC)
Please contact us for the current required minimums.

Fly For Less/Hr.

Members pay a Wet hourly rate based on Tach Time, vs Hobbs. This is an approximate 10% savings for cross-country flights, and 15-20% on local training flights. Rates are revised periodically to reflect cost changes.
Current Rates:
Piper Warrior II (N2202A): $95 / tach-hour wet
Piper Arrow IV (N2218Z): $135/ tach-hour wet

Qualify for Membership

You must hold a private pilot certificate or higher
Submit a Membership Application & Insurance Form
Be approved by membership vote
Pay a one-time, non-refundable initiation fee of $2,500 (Due only after approval).



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