Artisan Flying Club

Artisan Aviation, Inc. (dba. Artisan Flying Club) is a group of general aviation pilots in upstate New York sharing a common interest in flying – for business, for charity, for family travel, for pilot training, and for fun.  If you’re a pilot, we invite you to learn about Artisan Aviation, Inc. and consider joining us.

Artisan Aviation, Inc. owns two well-equipped Piper aircraft that are based at the Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC).  We keep our planes in their own individual T-hangers year-round, which means no shoveling snow off the wings in the winter, and no overheated cabins in the summer.  All of our airplanes have cabin heaters and remote electric engine pre-heaters for convenient winter operations.

Our membership is small by flying club standards.  The member-to-airplane ratio is very good. As a result, there is almost always an airplane available for your flight, even on short notice. Members may book aircraft for long weekends or extended trips without additional costs or daily minimums.

Our membership is varied, but we share the same values when it comes to owning and operating an airplane.  Our aircraft are exceptionally well-maintained.  Our members take pride in their flying skills and continuous training.  Our members fly on average about 60 hours each per year – well above the national average for private pilots.

Artisan is a flying club organized by pilots who have owned an airplane and understand the benefit of sharing the responsibilities and hidden costs of airplane ownership, both in time and money.  Many Artisan Aviation, Inc. members have owned their own aircraft, and we find that Artisan gives us the benefits of private airplane ownership while substantially reducing our individual costs and time commitments.

Artisan Aviation, Inc. is also an excellent club for pilots with a private pilot rating to continue their training through instrument, commercial, flight instructor, and ATP ratings.  Artisan pilots engaged in flight training enjoy the benefits of well-equipped airplanes that are available to suit their schedules.  Artisan Aviation, Inc. encourages members to obtain advanced flight training, and members engaged in regular training receive special consideration for aircraft scheduling.  Club members fly either with instructors who are members of the Club, or other local instructors qualified to teach in Club aircraft.

Explore more of the Artisan Aviation, Inc. website and learn more about us and what we have to offer.  Then contact us, attend a monthly club meeting, and arrange to tour our facilities and our aircraft.  We have a lot to offer the general aviation pilot in Upstate New York, and we’re happy to share it with you!